Reverend Joyce has many motivating lectures which are designed to encourage people to be who they are meant to be in Christ. Some of the topics include:

What colour is your blood?

• Every one of us has a different DNA. With this come different personalities. Joyce brings your personality to life. She also explains why you may react to certain things the way you do.

Turning showers into sun

• In everyone’s life there are trials and tribulations. Joyce explains how you can turn these negative events into good experiences.

What are you waiting for?

• Joyce explains why now is the best time. If you are going to wait, it may be too late!

The road may be long, but you can travel it.

• Sometimes you just want to give in or call it quits. Joyce will help you look at your road in a whole different way.

When you are down, look up!

• Joyce points the way up. Always look up! She will explain how important it is to keep the joy.

And many, many more…

For more information, please reach out to Rev. Joyce by your favourite method, all found on the Contact Us Page.