I asked a question on Facebook yesterday. The question was: “If you were told, you only have 24 hours and then it’s all over, what would you do?”

I did not say that your life will be over. I did not say you will die. The few that responded, took it that way.

For the most part, the responses I received included things like, “I would spend it with those I love,” or “I would go to the place I love.”

My statement or my question may not have been about death; however, it very well could have been. My question was left to the interpretation of the reader: Did I mean that in 24 hours, your money problems will be gone? In 24 hours, your sickness will be gone? Or, in 24 hours your job will be gone? Or your things will be gone? Or in 24 hours, all your problems will gone? (I like that one!)

It was a deep question for most people.

If we were given the gift of the next 24 hours, what would it look like?

I have had more than 499,320 hours in my lifetime thus far.  To be honest with you and myself, most of these hours have been wasted and taken for granted. It’s not a statement I am proud of. It’s just the truth.

At the moment, I have a full-time job. This takes up 37.5 hours my week. I use up 10 hours getting to and from work. It takes me 10 hours a week to get ready for work. I have a lunch hour, but most days I choose not to take it. (I just grab something to eat and get right back at it.)

When I get home, I have dinner. That’s 5 hours. After dinner, I am so exhausted that I turn on the TV and watch reruns of whatever. That’s about 10 hours a week. I go to a prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings. That’s another 2 hours a week.

Enough of that! This is depressing me. So far, each week that I have been alive I have been given 168 hours. What have I accomplished with these hours? For some who are reading this, they may be thinking, “Who cares! Our time is our own to use.”

Personally, I believe I have been put here to help others. It might just be with simple smile or a nod. It may be by sharing one of the many life stories that I’ve been fortunate enough to collect.  I feel a connection with people. God has given me compassion, deep in my heart, for the people he has put in my path.

On this day, with my first ministry blog, I want to challenge you, the reader. What will you do with the gifts God has given you? The gift of your time. The gift of your abilities. The gift of your life experiences.

I know that I am not always happy with what I do with my time. I watch way too much TV. I need to spend more time helping the people that God has set before me. For me, 2019 is going to be the year I set the past behind me, cast my fears upon Jesus, and share my gifts with as many people as possible.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  (John 15:13, KJV)

To me, this verse means walking a path where I will put others before myself. Each day we are given a new gift of 24 hours. In these 24 hours, during 8 of them we are sleeping. What are we doing with the 16 we have left? A wise man once said to me, after I lost a job: “Why are you so upset? It’s only 8 hours of your day. You have so much more to live for!” (That’s a whole new blog.)

Today, be a blessing!

Pastor Joyce